Y O U R  S T O R Y  I S  W A I T I N G  T O  B E  T O L D

T H E  B A B Y  P L A N

$295 (up to $1200 value)

Included with this year-long package are three custom photo sessions which document your child as a newborn, at about 6 months (when baby is able to sit up), and at his or her first birthday. Additional mini milestones such as 3 and 9 months may be added with a simple $25 upgrade. An optional mini maternity session can be added for a simple $50 upgrade.


Each session comes with a $50 credit that can be used towards your purchase at each ordering appointment.


If you wish to book a Fresh 48 package along with your baby plan you can do so with a discount of $75 off the package of your choice. 


Prints, products and digital files are a separate investment made at your ordering sessions. This takes place in the studio after your images are completed. There is no minimum order requirement. The average client invests anywhere from $300 to $2,000 in their custom portrait experience with Tumbling Leaves Photography. Prints start at $85 and digital collections start at $625. Product pricing can be viewed HERE.






  • Baby toes, wrinkles, fuzz and the occasional sweet smile (they say it's gas but I say it's  joy!) 

  • Your connection and complete adoration for this tiny new person.

  • Your oldest childs new role as big brother or sister, the way they look at their new baby with curiosity, love, and lets face it, maybe even a bit of jealousy ;)




6 Months:



  • Big giggles, hand dimples, knobby knees, maybe even some crawling!


  • Sitting up for the first time and the look of pride they get in their new found growth.


  • Those tufts of messy hair, the spit bubbles they love to make, and their love of nomming on those adorable chubby fingers.




1 Year


  • More giggles, standing, toddling, little teeth, exploring and trying new things.


  • Their still strong bond and love for this beautiful family that they get to be a part of (family portrait included in 1 year session). 


  • So much growth! It went by so fast, they have learned a few words, tasted new foods, their area of exploration has grown with new crawling & walking skills and you will have all of these wonderful milestones permanently captured in beautiful portraits to look back on for generations.

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